Partnership Relation Quality modulates the effects of Work-stress on health

Sammanfattning: The present studies included 884 participants in total, in five different studies referred to in the four articles. All five studies observed participants from different types of occupation in order to obtain a distribution and a diversified group of individuals. These occupations, that are representative, cover both private and public sectors and occupations that require longer as well as shorter educational backgrounds. Moreover, both ‘blue-collar’ and ‘white-collar’ personnel are included. The over-all conclusion is that partner relation quality and sexual life satisfaction may function as a buffer against the negative effects that work-related stress have upon health. Moreover, the results indicate that affective personality is associated with health variables such as depression, anxiety, general stress, energy, and psychological and somatic subjective stress reactions. Furthermore, the results indicate gender differences concerning affective personality, partnership relations quality, sexual life satisfaction and work-related stress that will eventually require deeper examination. Taken together, the consensus of these finding indicate the very real advantages present in partnership relation described by tenderness and understanding and sparked by a ‘nutmeg of passion’.

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