Undifferenced GPS for Deformation Monitoring

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Infrastruktur

Sammanfattning: This thesis contains the development of a deformation monitoring software based on undifferenced GPS observations. Software like this can be used in alarm systems placed in areas where the earth is unstable. Systems like this can be used in areas where people are in risk of getting hurt, like in earthquake zones or in land slide areas, but they can also be useful when monitoring the movements in buildings, bridges and other artefacts.The main hypotheses that are tested are whether it is possible to detect deformations with undifferenced observations and if it is possible to reach the same accuracy in this mode as when working in a traditional mode where the observations are differenced.The development of a deformation monitoring software based on undifferenced GPS observations is presented. A complete mathematical model is given as well as implementation details. The software is developed in Matlab together with a GPS observation simulator. The simulator is mainly used for debugging purposes.The developed software is tested with both simulated and real observations. Results from tests with simulated observations show that it is possible to detect deformations in the order of a few millimetres with the software. Calculations with real observations give the same results. Further, the result from calculations in static mode indicates that the commercial software and the undifferenced software diverge a few millimetres, which probably depends on different implementations of the tropospheric corrections. In kinematic mode the standard deviation is about 1 millimetre larger in the undifferenced mode than in the double differenced mode. An initial test with different observation weighting procedures indicates that there is a lot of potential to improve the result by applying correct weights to the observations. This is one of the aims in the future work within this project.This thesis are sponsored by the Swedish Research Council for Enviroment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, FORMAS within the framework “Monitoring of construction and detection of movements by GPS ref no. 2002-1257"