Det moraliska ifrågasättandet : alkoholmissbrukares upplevelser av och reaktioner på tvångsvård

Detta är en avhandling från Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study was to investigate how compulsary treatment of alcohol abuse is experienced by persons forced to submit to it, the majority of whom are negative in their attitude toward treatment of this sort. The importance of considering the resluts obtained not in isolation but within a larger context is emphasized. Among the elements of this context examined are alcohol abuse generally, why those involved drink excessively, and how they experience their situation. Interpreting the experience these persons have of their situation involves taking account of the ethical and existential world in which they live and their philosophy of life. The legal status that apply and the implications these can have are discussed. Important concepts considered are those of autonomy and integrity. The results of the investigation indicate that a person forced to submit to compulsory treatment for his alcohol abuse often ends up in a traumatic crisis with little chance of working through it satisfacorily. A variety of reasons for this are pointed out. One is the person´s failing to understand why he has been forced to receive treatment. Another is the person´s lacking an adequate language to deal with the existential questions his situation gives rise to. Having lived as an alcohol abuser for many years also results in the person´s sense of selfrespect being very low. In addition, the institution providing treatment generally has no adequate possibility of helping the person to work through his crisis. As a conclusion one can ask on the background of the empirical, legal, psychological, existential and ethical aspects whether it is morally right to force someone to a treatment that person himself does not want.

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