Skapelseteologi : En studie av teologiska motiv i Gunnar Edmans texter

Detta är en avhandling från Nora : Nya Doxa

Sammanfattning: This study focuses on texts written by the author Gunnar Edman (1915-1995). The purpose is to discern his interpretation of the world as a creation. In this connection the fundamentally important issue of the relation between theology and natural science is also discussed. The dissertation shows examples of how dialogue between theology and natural science characterised by mutual enrichment in knowledge can appear.Mutual enrichment throws light on important theological questions. One such question concerns the origins of creation and its relation to the cosmological standard model (Big Bang). This relation is elucidated in the dissertation. Further light is thrown on the on-going creation in relation to cosmic and biological evolution. The theology of the new creation can also be given new light through scientific deliberation.A special theological focus in the dissertation is directed to the human role in creation. Natural science can look at this role from the perspective of the so-called "anthropic principles". This is associated with another theological theme: God's self-limitation expressed in the terms wheat grain theology or kenosis theology. This theological theme finds support in nature through itsself-creating power and through the human subject's possibility of taking his/her own decisions.These jointly important issues for theology and natural science receive new light through Gunnar Edman's texts full of imagery, which the dissertation makes clear.The method to expose this is to compare Edman's texts with theologies of contemporary professional theologians who develop their theology in dialoge with scientists. These theologians are mainly Arthur Peacocke, John Polkinghorne, Jürgen Moltmann but the dissertation also refers to among others John Macquarrie and Janet Martin Soskice.

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