Granskningens retorik och historisk vetenskap : Kognitiv identitet i recensioner i dansk historisk tidsskrift, norsk historisk tidsskrift och svensk historisk tidskrift 1965-1990 : cognitive identity in reviews in the Danish historical journal, the Norweg

Sammanfattning: This doctoral thesis examines how historians review each other. The material are the critical reviews found in the three national historical journals, dansk (Danish) historisk tidsskrift (DHT), norsk (Norwegian) historisk tidsskrift (NHT) and svensk (Swedish) historisk tidskrift (SHT). The historian's subject is both the past as such the methodologies. The ideas about the historian's subject will be designated as the historian's cognitive identity. The assumption is that the radical tendencies which are found in history departments and their environments during the last 30 years, besides stimulating new research interests, also changed the historian's manner of reviewing.DHT: The historical method is emphasised as being primary. Theories are discussed in relation to reality. The relevance is depictive and the innovation is only to be found in the historical reality.NHT: The choice of perspective by the historian is included as a subject for discussion in the reviews. Relevance is tied to the choice of perspective which commonly consists of causal explanations. This relevance is methodological but the news are primarly bounded in the historical reality.SHT: The introduction of theories is an obvious change occurring during the 1970s. The relevance is methodological. The reviewers point out that even the perspectives should be considered a scientific innovation.

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