Till eget gagn - till andras nytta : en komparativ studie av allmännyttigt byggande i Stockholm fram till år 1940

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Stockholm University

Sammanfattning: This dissertation consists of three main parts. The first part describes the theoretical background and gives further details about the different approaches to the housing and construction markets that have been brought forward by various scholars. Five chapters examine three alternative strategies when it came to overcoming the problems of the free market. In this case, it is about the philanthropic and cooperative housing solutions and about the business owners' construction of company-owned housing for their employees. Two comparative chapters conclude this section. The first chapter examines the social structure in various company-owned housing complexes, and cooperatives in Stockholm. An answer of the question on how to proceed was Belizeved to lie in a thorough reform of the housing market. Whereas the earlier chapters deal with the question of reducing the problems through the creation of a different type of housing construction, a municipal construction project where the profit-motives are lessened, the focus now changes. There arose an explicit desire to create other market rules. At the same time, influential politicians sought to develop a large-scale cooperative housing initiative with popular support. The last chapter describes the initial phase of this era, during the 1930s.Key words: the counter-cyclic theory, rent-driven construction, cost-steered construction, freedom-of-choice paradox, boom economies, depression, joint-stock housing companies, directive measures, cooperative-housing-society movement, SKB, HSB, the limited patriarchal system, the modern insurance model, the board and lodgings system, old age insurance, birth control, democratic pride, educational program, directive or general measures, the modern housing question, "cheap-housing politics".

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