Communication space : Spatial design in manufacturing industry

Detta är en avhandling från Västerås : Mälardalen University

Sammanfattning: The main concern of this licentiate thesis is to discuss how the built space is used for communication in the manufacturing industry from a visual communication perspective. In a multiple case study, six different cases from the manufacturing industry are described and analyzed to highlight how the built space is used for communication in a lean production context.The licentiate thesis present research results on how communication spaces such as improvement places, meeting places and a development workshop affect improvement processes. The study indicates that the spatial design affects the user. What the studied improvement areas, meeting places and workshop can be said to communicate about the improvement processes is analyzed. It is found that the built spaces in manufacturing industry are used for communication on two levels. The study also shows the relation between architecture from a specific time and the impact on the improvement work in the industrial context.How the results can be used to improve the design of the built spaces used for improvement work in manufacturing industry is suggested in the thesis. 

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