Privacy in the next generation Internet. Data proection in the context of European Union policy

Detta är en avhandling från Kista : Mikroelektronik och informationsteknik

Sammanfattning: With the growth in social, political and economic importanceof the Internet, it has been recognized that the underlyingtechnology of the next generation Internet must not only meetthe many technical challenges but must also meet the socialexpectations of such a pervasive technology. As evidence ofthe strategic importance of the development of the Internet,the European Union has adopted a communication to the Counciland the European Parliament focusing on the next generationInternet and the priorities for action in migrating to the newInternet protocol IPv6 andalso a new Directive (2002/58/EC) on'processing of personal data and protection of privacy in theelectronic communication sector'. The Data Protection Directiveis part of a package of proposals for initiatives which willform the future regulatory framework for electroniccommunications networks and services. The new Directive aims toadapt and update the existing Data ProtectionTelecommunications Directive (97/66/EC) to take account oftechnological developments. However, it is not well undersoodhow this policy and the underlying Internet technology can bebrought into alignment.This dissertation builds upon the results of my earlierlicentiate thesis by identifying three specific, timely, andimportant privacy areas in the next generation Internet: uniqueidentifiers and observability, privacy enhanced location basedservices, and legal aspects of data traffic.Each of the three areas identified are explored in the eightpublished papers that form this dissertation. The paperspresent recommendations to technical standarization bodies andregulators concerning the next generation Internet so that thistechnology and its deployment can meet the specific legalobligations of the new European Union data protectiondirective.

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