Rummet och människans rörelser

Sammanfattning: This book deals with objects and design of spatial elements and how they affect the motions of humans, their significance for the use of space as well as events in human life. As a framework, problems of perceptual research is dealt with and the possibilities to making general and valid notions on phenomena that occur from subjective experiences.

The first part analyses how motion affects human perception of space, the utilisation of space and its ability to fulfil it's aim. A perceptual analysis of a baroque monastery in Bavaria illuminates how body motion strongly affects the perception of space indicating how different rooms' functions can be enhanced by accentuating wanted motions - and by the suppressing of unwanted ones. A number of experiments are presented where the aim is to investigating how humans move in relation to various objects and how architectural forms can be utilised to govern these motions.The choreo-graphic influence of space is described and an example of how this know-ledge can be utilised is presented.

The second part discusses how choreographic influence of space affects a city's social everyday and public life. An analysis of a classisistic ideal city in Poland illuminates the connection between a city's structure, the design of city space and a city's social life. Especially is stressed the need for hierarchies and boundaries that can form a social playground for human actions. From the knowledge of how perception depends on motion and the need for a social playground, a modern suburb in Gothenburg is analysed. Problems and concept of the modern city is discussed and present applied planning routines are aimed at a city's functional aspects. A description of the necessary criteria city specific function, adequate form and permanence is provided in order to enabling city space to supporting a development of a rich public life.

Finally a short discussion on the relevancy of the results and historic context is supplied. The rooms of the Italien baroque is shortly discussed in comparison to the deconstructivistic modelling of space in our time.

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