Didaktiska kontrakt i förskolepraktik : förskollärares transformering av matematiska mål i ett läroplansdidaktiskt perspektiv

Sammanfattning: National and international comparisons have emphasized mathematics in recent years. For example, several studies (OCED, 2012) show that students in both Europe and the United States, have difficulty achieving in mathematics. Consequently, attention has turned to preschools. The Swedish government believes that the preschool has not made full use of children’s desire to learn (Cabinet Office, 2010). According to Tallberg-Broman (2012), there is a paradigm shift today in Sweden. A new vision of children, parenting and the school’s mission is emerging. Preschool teachers have to help children meet an increasingly complex reality now and in the future so the requirements of preschool teachers’ professional skills have likewise increased (Persson & Tallberg-Broman, 2002). In my study, I intend to focus on preschool teachers’ transformation of the mathematical goals specified in the revised curriculum for preschool. By analyzing how preschool teachers talk about the revised mathematics objectives and how they are transformed into practice can provide, this study can provide valuable information about how mathematics is visible in the preschool.

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