Yhdessä ikäihmisen hyväksi

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study was to introduce views of the staff working for the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), home care and emergency social services of Kanta-Häme region on non-medical problems of the elderly and responding to them. Another purpose was to present developing methods of multi-professional cooperation. The approach of this study was qualitative. The data were collected through theme interviews, and analyzed by using content analysis.The elderly living at home have several non-medical problems, needs and challenges based on the experiences of the experts. Loneliness and unsuitable living conditions were seen as the most significant problems. The ways to increase the well-being of the elderly were simple and casual. The greatest need for the development of multiprofessional cooperation was seen between the EMS and home care. In the future, it would be important to explore the experiences of the elderly about the multi-professional cooperation. In the future the operation of the service system of the elderly should be surveyed by non-medical problems. It would also be interesting to clarify the cooperation between the EMS and the partners that were excluded from this study.

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