Variationer av predikouppfattningar i Svenska kyrkan. En fenomenografisk undersökning om predikanter och åhörare

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Sammanfattning: This study describes, systematizes and analyses the variations of preachers' conceptions of their mission to preach and their listeners' conceptions of the sermon. It does so in a phenomenographic and theological perspective. The conceptions of preachers and their listeners of the mission to preach and the sermon respectively are investigated by way of interviews. The basic issues are what different conceptions of the mission to preach and the sermon can be identified in preachers and listeners. These conceptions and how they are related to various theoretical perspectives on preaching extends the possibilities of applying adequate theoretical perspectives on preaching. The investigation shows that the frame of reference of the preachers concerning the mission to preach and of their listeners concerning the sermon rests on a wide range of conceptions. The result indicates a large spread in various directions regarding needs as well as expectations. The account of the frame of reference of preachers and listeners reveals two main lines of thinking leading to different consequences for the communication of the sermon. On the one hand a rather institutional view of the church can be distinguised whereby the preacher's mission in the preaching situation is to convey a given content to the listener. Preacher and listener are in agreement on the distribution of roles: The preacher teaches while the listener listens. On the other hand a more organic view of the church is discovered whereby preacher and listener co-operate enriching each other. This leads to shared responsibility between preacher and listener concerning the realization of the context and application of the message of the sermon. In the concluding theological analysis the results of the phenomenographic examination are related to different theoretical perspectives on preaching. The investigation indicates that there is a fluctuation between different perspectives with preachers as well as with listeners. There is therefore a need for deepened reflection on the part of the preacher regarding different preaching perspectives and the varying preaching situations when they should be put into practice.

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