Intertextuella strövtåg i Akademia : måhända som en galaktisk reseskildring anno 1998

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet

Sammanfattning: This dissertation is a thematic presentation of the academic world, of Academia. The work on it has neither been directed by any specific research problem and research plan, nor structured by any established research method. It is, on the contrary, an attempt to reach beyond the type of paradox that may appear when a researcher who is part of the academic world is studying exactly that. It has been an intertextual journey among texts about various phenomena in Academia. The result is a so-called demi-text, which contains a number of disparate themes: fuzzy, incomplete and intertextually contaminated verbal pictures that carry no pretensions of depicting actual conditions, states or events, but that have the ambition of not making Academia a research object that becomes a victim of its own favoured methods. These texts may give form (Gestalt) to complexity, paradoxes, chaos, dilemmas, various possibilities, threats and obstacles within Academia. They may (as a research object) encourage reflective reactions, associations, preliminary thoughts, and controversial questions, as well as expose some quiet assumptions about Academia, and give further reasons for exploring talks or conversations among professors, researchers, students, teachers and others at universities and colleges in Sweden.This dissertation is produced in two different forms: one static and paper-bound, and one electronic and loose. The latter offers a network of possible electronic browsing paths. It is also open for reader comments and complementary or contrasting contributions. It is accessible through the author's home page at It is submitted with an extended copyright for the reader. 

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