Det är en spricka i allt, det är så ljuset kommer in… : Matematik och förskolebarns experimenterande och potentialitet

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Stockholms universitet

Sammanfattning: In preschools it is common that mathematics mainly focuses on how children learn mathematics through everyday activities, or on children´s understanding of mathematical concepts. However, views on mathematics-learning are today deepened and extended, and embrace children’s own mathematical signs, visual representations and bodily experiences. The overall aim of this thesis is to experiment with how this extended view in which children´s engagement and creativity is affirmed, simultaneously as they are developing knowledge about the world of mathematics with its procedures and rules. With inspiration from the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze´s and Félix Guattari´s immanent ontology and transcendental empiricism, and from the pedagogical philosophy of the preschools in Reggio Emilia, I have experimented both with mathematics, and with toddlers’ explorations and potentiality. The research-material primarily consists of video observations and documentations, and it is taken from a project with a mathematical topic through a cooperative work by me, preschool teachers and children aged 1–3 years. Methodologically the work is based on one example from the project where some children explores and experiment on geometric objects. In relation to the example some concepts from Reggio Emilia’s pedagogical thinking and Deleuze´s and Guattari´s immanent ontology are put to work, by focusing on the connections that emerge. The study make visible that children explore and experiment with mathematics in what in the study has called “a relational field of potentiality”. In relation to preschool didactics the study stresses the importance of teachers paying attention to and “listening” to children’s experimentations and sign-making, in order not to interrupt what is emerging/becoming. This requires an environment that embraces “the hundred languages” and enables collective experimentation for thoughts and ideas to be shared in “togetherness”.

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