Miljökriget: miljöarenan och politikens möjligheter att styra vår miljö

Detta är en avhandling från Lorentz förlag, Skolgatan 21, Eslöv, Sweden

Sammanfattning: This book describes and analyzes the arena of legal and technological conflicts as it relates to the environment in Sweden. I describe and explain the dynamics of the environmental arena from the perspective of sociology of law. The environmental arena is framed by its undiscussed Doxa (Bourdieu). In our society the capitalist economy has become Doxa. Different actors on the arena are in different positions in relation to Doxa. Actors who accept the kind of arguments and ideologies produced by Doxa are the so called orthodox actors, the others I call heterodox actors. They are also named economists and ecologists in this book. My research includes an examination of 204 decisions of the Swedish board for concession grants during the course of one year. My results show that companies dominate the legal proceedings. In cases involving technical controversies between companies and others, public opinion has little or no effect on the actual decision. Most cases result in permits to pollute the environment in accordance with the grantees original application. The macro level perspective of this book calls attention to the contemporary analysis of technology and environment, using a conflict orientation.

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