En analys av sexåringars bildspråk : Bilder av skolan

Detta är en avhandling från Elisabet Ahlner Malmström, Bästekille backar 27735 Kivik, Sweden alt Lund University Press Box 141, SE-22100 Lund, Sweden

Sammanfattning: Interaction, communication and signification are fundamental to the human world. How do children use codes in their drawings, as in-struments of processing information, representing reality? I find use-ful tools in theories that focus upon the semiotic play, thought and language. The object of my study has been to analyze and describe children´s pictorial sign vehicle, in order to find the relationship between ex-pression (how) and content (what) in the child´s pictorial strategy of relating to future starting school This study focus upon differentiation in children´s drawings and the relation between the pictorial vehicle and what it represents. The idea is to broaden the understanding of how the child graphically constructs from experience and how pictorial and verbal language are used in this process. Pictures and comments constitute my dataprocessing. I have been focusing upon solutions used to mediate and convey a personal opini-on, normative and expressive. This analysis is supposed to broaden knowledge about children´s intuitive competence in using pictorial grammatical rules. Another object of my study is to reflect upon drawing, as a strategy of communication and education. I approach my area of research from a field embracing the individual child and its orientation to pictorial signs in society. The perspective is based on how we conceptualize pictorial signs and thought all seen in a social context. The problem is approached from a pedagogic basis, but incorporating the insights of other scientific disciplines, such as psychology and pictorial semiotics.

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