Regularity and uniqueness-related properties of solutions with respect to locally integrable structures

Detta är en avhandling från Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University

Sammanfattning: We prove that a smooth generic embedded CR submanifold of C^n obeys the maximum principle for continuous CR functions if and only if it is weakly 1-concave. The proof of the maximum principle in the original manuscript has later been generalized to embedded weakly q-concave CR submanifolds of certain complex manifolds. We give a generalization of a known result regarding automatic smoothness of solutions to the homogeneous problem for the tangential CR vector fields given local holomorphic extension. This generalization ensures that a given locally integrable structure is hypocomplex at the origin if and only if it does not allow solutions near the origin which cannot be represented by a smooth function near the origin. We give a sufficient condition under which it holds true that if a smooth CR function f on a smooth generic embedded CR submanifold, M, of C^n, vanishes to infinite order along a C^infty-smooth curve  \gamma in M, then f vanishes on an M-neighborhood of \gamma. We prove a local maximum principle for certain locally integrable structures.