Interfacial kinetic ski friction

Detta är en avhandling från Östersund : Mittuniversitetet

Sammanfattning: It is no doubt, that the ski glide over the snow is a very complicated object ofresearch. However, ski glide is just a one area of many other areas of humanknowledge. As a rule, the scientists and practitioners, who work in these areas,operate with some publicly expressed more or less solid hypotheses. Theseresearchers work with one hypothesis until another and a better one comes up.Our literature studies and our own observations regarding modern skispreparations, did not give us any solid hypotheses, which are able to explain theactual form and content of this procedure. The present work is an attempt to revealsuch hypotheses.Conclusion: To achieve an optimal glide on skis with the base (the ski sole)made of some high hydrophobic durable polymer, e.g. UHMWPE, PTFE; we onlyhave to create an adequate topography (texture) on the ski running surface,adequate to the actual snow conditions.