Vägskäl : Miljöfrågan, subpolitiken och planeringsidealets praktik i fallet riksväg 50

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköping Universitet

Sammanfattning: The physical planning process and its resulting spatial changes often lead to clashes of interest between different spatial visions, dreams and hopes for the future. Since the 1960's the environmental issue and the changing terms of politics have emerged as new conditions for planning. Planners have tried to meet these conditions by new ideals of planning - environmental consideration, comprehensiveness and democracy. However praiseworthy these ideals may seem they in practice lead to even greater dilemmas, which are seldom acknowledged in policies, manuals or planning-documents. The purpose of this thesis has been toexplore how the new conditions for planning are manifested in a particular case of road planning- the case of Arterial Road 50 in western Östergotland, Sweden.When the ideal of planning gets translated into practice, a gap reveals itself by which the order of planning - planning as form and substance - is widely debated and contested. A complex struggle over space has been identified in which subpolitics - politics from below - challenges traditional politics and institutions and communicative dilemmas appear betweenplanners and interest-organisations in consultations. Difficulties also arise during the process of environmental consideration where, for example, a number of environmental concepts collide as do value-judgements of authorities, experts and concerned parties. In the process of argumentation, the rhetorical load of the environmental issue is also observed where a number of environmental concepts and valuations are being played out against each other. The environmental issue and the changing terms of politics thus reveal a number of vexing and unresolved challenges and questions for planning that insist on being answered. We face an ideal of planning at the crossroads.

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