Ärkebiskop Erling Eidem i kyrkostrid och världskrig : En studie i förhållningssättet till Tyskland under andra världskriget med beaktande av de svensk-engelska kyrkorelationerna 1933–1945 belyst genom tre utrikesdepartement

Sammanfattning: This Study is concentrated on the Swedish Archbishop Erling Eidem during the German Church Struggle and the Second World War. Sweden was a neutral Country and Eidem did not want to do something that wasn’t congenial with the Swedish State. He has been criticized for being a by-stander when he was expected to be an activist. Something like that was impossible for Eidem who strongly believed in the Lutheran Doctrine of the two Regiments. His Way was to use a personal Approach and two work in a silent and quiet Way. This tactic caused a lot of criticism but Eidem was persisted in his way of handling especially the Questions concerning the German Church Struggle. His tactic was successful when it came to Contacts with the German Reichsbischof Ludwig Müller since he could get him to stop the Arian Paragraph. Eidem was also very keen on stopping Müller from getting Apostolic Succession. His audience with Adolf Hitler did not go well. He was forced to meet the Reichskanzler. The ecumenical Movement worked for the necessity to go through with that task and Bishop Bell in Chichester had refused. Eidem and Bell became good friends throughout the whole War. Eidem also had a good Friend in Birger Forell who worked as a Chaplain in the Swedish Church i Berlin. Forell was very occupied with the so called Bekenntniskirche and its members. With Eidem´s good Memory he arranged meetings with them in the Swedish Church-House, sometimes with Eidem present. Forell also worked with rescuing Jews and gave them Shelter in the Church-House. Eidem agreed to that arrangement. Eidems Wish was Peace and Reconciliation and he often told about the Common Guild. Eidem also had a mystique side and was very influenced by S:t Paul. The Archbishops pile of Work caused fatigue and depressions which meant that he now and then had to go on sick-leave.This Study is the first of its kind that has taken Eidem´s theological Position in account when writing about him in his Work with the German Church-Struggle and what he himself judged to be possible to do during World War two. As such it will alter the Picture of Archbishop Erling Eidem. 

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