Gilbert damping of doped permalloy from first principles calculations

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sammanfattning: The dynamic process of how fast a spintronic device can be switched from one state to another is characterized by the Gilbert damping parameter. It has been found that the Gilbert damping along with other intrinsic properties in permalloy, can be tuned by different dopants and doping concentration. Therefore, a study of intrinsic magnetic properties with emphasis on the dependence of the Gilbert damping parameter from first principles calculations is investigated. It is aimed at to give an insight of the microscopic understanding originated from electronic structure and to provide a guideline in the practical spintronic design. The topic of the present thesis is to investigate, by means of first principle calculations, how the variation of the Gilbert damping parameter depends upon the electronic structure of pure and doped permalloy. We show that the Gilbert damping has a monotonic increase with the doping concentration due to an increasing amount of scattering processes. The dopants of the 5d transition metal give rise to a much larger impact than the 4d, as the spin orbit coupling effect is more pronounced in the heavy elements. Our results are in satistying agreement with experiment.