I persuadörernas verkstad. Marknadsföring i Sverige 1920-1965 En studie av ord och handling hos marknadens aktörer

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis

Sammanfattning: A basic assumption in the thesis is that the expansion of production and consumption in the Swedish society during the first half of the 20th century involved market as well as consumer activities of a new kind.The thesis explores the development and practice of marketing towards consumers as a main activity of actors in the market, how it was formulated in textbooks an trade journals and followed up in the activity of two Swedish companies (Barnängen and MEA, Militärekiperingsaktiebolaget). The focus is on the period 1920-1965.In the first part the main lines of the dissertation is drawn. The second part focus on texts on marketing and the main characteristics of the period is discussed. It covers the topics of marketing, distribution, advertising and selling on a general level. In two more detailed chapters, the topics of market analysis and the marketing problems and praxis in retailing is dealt with.The third part focus on the practice in the two companies. Market research from the company of Barnängen is examined with the focus on products, groups of consumers, which technique was used, how and if recommendations were followed up in product politics or advertising. The results showed a shift in the use of techniques and product politics towards more sophisticated instruments and a closer relation to a wider market.Retailers use of marketing practice is examined in the company of MEA (Militär Ekiperings Aktiebolaget). The result showed a shift in both use of advertising and advertised products over the period 1930-1960. It was also detected a shit in the relation to the market that went from customer relation to a more anonymous consumer market.The fourth part ties the normative and practical levels together. The consequences for the consumers are also taken in for discussion. It showed that in the overall perspective a change towards a wider consumer market took place.