Från fritidens pedagog till hjälplärare : Fritidspedagogers och lärares yrkesrelation i integrerade arbetslag

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: The restructuring of the Swedish comprehensive school has brought child care and schoolcloser together. During the 90's leisure time centres (LTCs) were physically integrated into school buildings. Therefore, today teachers and recreation instructors (RIs) often worktogether in teams. The work team is officially looked upon as an agent for educationalchange in schools. The official rhetoric on integration exerts a normative pressure onpedagogues to collaborate during the school day, and the educational aim is to merge "thebest of" from each educational culture. However, the teacher position in the educationalinstitution dominates the RI position. An unequal occupational relation has thus beenestablished, which makes collaboration in interprofessional work teams harder.The aim of the study was to analyse how RIs' occupational function was constitutedthrough oral interaction during planning sessions in interprofessional work teams. One workteam in two schools in the same municipality was chosen, and followed during one term. Thestudy had a social constructionist/constructivist perspective. Data was constructed as episodes, and the notion of strategic context derived from Anthony Giddens theory of structuration was used in data analysis.Results showed that in spite of great differences between the two schools in terms oforganisation and local ethos, the strategic context forced both work teams to constitute theRIs ocupational function during collaboration time as teachers' assistants. RIs acting inaccordance with a school educational logic were receiving positive sanctions. RIs had difficulties grounding their actions in a LTC educational logic. The structural constraints ofthe strategic context reproduced the unequal relation position-wise as an unequal occupational relation in interaction. It was concluded that in the future RIs wishing to keep or develop an occupational identity as the pedagogue of recreation, could best do so outside of school and outside of interprofessional collaboration with teachers.

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