Lärarrollens olika skepnader : Estradör, regissör och illuminatör : en longitudinell studie av blivande lärares föreställningar

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: The thesis focuses on fourteen future teachers' conceptions of the teaching role. The same individuals are followed from their beginning in teacher education into one or two years after their professional debut. Analyses of journals and interviews provide descriptions of their initial conceptions, of how they change during education and of newly trained teachers' conceptions after the professional debut. In other words, the thesis contains a description of the future teachers' individual learning pathways through their education and into their profession.In accounting for the result of the thesis theatrical metaphors are used to illustrate the respondents' conceptions of the three forms of the teaching role, the teacher as an entertainer, a director and an illuminator.The investigation shows that to most of them the conceptions become more differentiated and over time they are able to see more aspects of the teaching role.The individual's encounter with education and school is seen from an interactionist perspective, which means a process of influence between the individual and the context. Earlier experiences and the initial conception effect the influence of the education, i.e. the course content mean different things to different individuals. The future teachers role characters can be deduced from course contents and from individuals in their education and their professional life.

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