Management of Strategic Change and Knowledge Development in Central and Eastern Europe

Detta är en avhandling från Lund Institute of Economic Research

Sammanfattning: This study is an attempt to increase the understanding of strategic changes at enterprises in Central Eastern Europe. It suggests analysing this transformation as the management of strategic change with a focus on the change processes in which strategic resources are created and deployed. The overall purpose is to develop a strategic change framework to enable the understanding of the transformation and knowledge development processes at enterprises in the changing context of Central Eastern Europe. The empirical base of the study is the Czech-Belgian flat glass manufacturer Glavunion (GU), located in the Czech Republic. GU is a joint venture firm comprising Czech Sklo Union and the Belgian multinational firm Glaverbel. Strategic change is analysed by applying the joint venture as the methodological tool and by following the change process in a longitudinal perspective. The strategic change is discussed in terms of the reorientation of the firm's position and internal reconfiguration of resources. The theoretical framework utilizing the IO-approach and RBV in a complementary way confirms the reciprocal nature of the relationship between the organization and environment in light of their mutual dependence. Thus the corporate transformation is understood through the process of management of strategic change as the alignment of an organization with its environment. The study emphasizes the important role of the internal organizational context and the active role of the actors. It concludes that transformation turns into organizational learning only if the organization is able to create a receptive internal context facilitating the development of market oriented knowledge. Acquisition of this knowledge then takes place alongside the cognitive and behavioural shifts in the actors' view of the world. By explaining how this transformation and development (and hence learning) of both tacit and explicit knowledge has taken place, the thesis points at how the learning process in part is a prerequisite for succeeding with strategic change. Key words: Management of strategic change, receptive internal context, development of market oriented knowledge, transformation as organizational learning.

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