Kollegialt lärande i matematik : Ett verksamhetsteoretiskt perspektiv

Sammanfattning: In the last decade, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are increasingly used as models for teachers’ joint efforts in developing their teaching. The overall aim of this licentiate thesis is to expand the knowledge of PLCs in mathematics, by deepening the understanding of aspects that influence the establishment, organization, and implementation of PLCs in mathematics. Specifically, the aim is to contribute with an overview of how PLCs in mathematics are organized and framed, and also to explain what may enable and hinder PLCs in mathematics. To fulfill the purpose, two studies are conducted where Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) is used as a conceptual and analytical framework. In the first study, previous research of PLCs in mathematics are synthesized through a configurative literature review, resulting in a description of how PLCs in mathematics are organized and framed. In the study, similarities, and differences between different models of PLCs in mathematics are examined regarding subjects, objects, mediating artifacts, rules, community, division of labor and outcomes. The result shows three different activity systems, with different objects or motives for implementing the PLCs. The activity systems vary concerning the use of mediating artifacts, and what norms regulate the activity system, but are similar regarding participants, context, and division of labor. In the second study, contradictions, and their manifestations in PLCs in mathematics are analyzed. Contradictions may enable or hinder the work of PLCs depending on whether they are identified or not. Contradictions, and their manifestations, are in the study examined through interviews with teacher leader coaches with experience in coaching teacher leaders of PLCs in mathematics. In the study, four contradictions, in and between activity systems, are identified. These four contradictions are manifested through 26 conflicts and dilemmas. The identified contradictions are connected to the norms and traditions that are part of mathematics as a discipline as well as the teacher profession. Taken together, the result of the two studies can be useful in establishing, organizing, and implementing future PLC endeavors.

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