Process modelling based on data from an evaporation and a CTMP process : Analysis of energy efficiency and process variability

Sammanfattning: The manufacture of pulp and paper is an energy intensive process configured of several unit processes that shape a network of flows of wood chips, chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, paperboard, steam and other important components. Improved energy efficiency supports sustainability of the process and the products. With the purpose of monitoring and controlling, information from multiple process and quality variables is continuously collected in the process data system. This data may be of time-varying nature and the variability might potentially span from seasonal to time-wise shorter variations and there are in some cases a need for predicting certain properties.By applying models based on process data there is a potential to increase the knowledge of the process characteristics, investigate the applicability of predictive models and identify optimization opportunities. Based on data from an evaporation and a CTMP plant, process models have been developed with the aim of improving the energy efficiency and studying process variability.  

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