Creation of printed dynamic images

Sammanfattning: In today's competitive marketplace, the advertisers require an increased visual impact to attract more attention. Creating unique packaging and novel advertisment concepts by adding updateable graphic images to the paper surface might be one way to draw more attention to the printed product, and at the same time include more information in the same printed area. This thesis investigates the possibility of creating printed dynamic images that can reveal more than one image in different optical states in the same print. The images consist of conventional process ink layers combined with dynamic ink layers that can be brought to different optical states where they display a cenain colour or tum colourless and reveal the underlying process ink. The dynamic images will be reproduced with more printing primaries than the normal four process colour printing (CMYK), so called multi-colour printing, and the additional requirement to be able to shift between images places completely new demands on the entire colour separation process. The chesis addresses the challenges associated with dynamic image reproduction and focuses on finding solutions for che colour separation process when dynamic images are produced using thermochromic inks as dynamic inks in screen printing. Although more work remains to be done before a  complete dynamic image production model can be presented, this thesis describes work that takes new steps towards that goal.

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