Särskolebarn i integrerad skolbarnsomsorg

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Sammanfattning: The main idea behind the Swedish welfare state is to create a society accessible to all citizens by using to general measures. It is, therefore, important to avoid segregation and special solutions, and instead increase the standard of normal activities. The objectives and tasks of day centres for school-age children are the same for all children and the quality of the operations should be of a standard that satisfies the needs of all children. The aim of this study is to, find out whether the objectives of the activities are fulfilled, and to identify the conditions and factors connected with this, in the integrated school-age care system with the handicapped child in focus. In this study, a theory-generating method has been applied, in which questionnaire data were supplemented and extended by interviews. The study was carried out at 73 institutions in 19 municipalities and comprised 81 handicapped children between the ages of seven and twelve years. Based on the variables which have significant links with fulfilling the objectives, it is the integration process1s prerequisites and conditions which are highlighted. With the support of theories on branding, overall view and exchange, some models related to the field were generated. The results of the study show that the fulfilment of objectives is relatively good. Integration as a principle is well-established. Many children attending special schools are included in positive social relations and negative contacts are highly unusual. Increasing personnel resources - by employing a special employee to help the handicapped child - has proved important for the fulfilment of goals. Other measures that appear to reinforce the quality of operations are that personnel are offered guidance and further training, and that time is made available for observations and documentation. The need for guidance from specialists has proved considerable, according to this study. The care system for children of school age is preserving a tradition of integration, which must be developed and passed on. It is therefore necessary that these experiences come to the fore in the cooperation now taking place with schools and that the carriers of tradition are accorded real influence in future work.

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