Längtans och drömmarnas hus - Ideal och praktik bland en ny generation stugägare

Sammanfattning: This dissertation examines second home ownership among a new generation of urban middle-class Swedes between the years 2015-2020. The main aim is to analyse motivation for buying one´s own second home, with the further purpose of illuminating how interviewees negotiate ideal lifestyles and practices in relation to their narrative identities, as well as their generational and class affiliations. The empirical material consists mainly of qualitative interviews and fieldwork conducted in second homes throughout Sweden. The interviewees belong to a generation generally portrayed as flexible, travelling the world and seeking new and exciting experiences. It is therefore noticeable when they choose to settle down with second homes in Sweden. Narrative analysis is used to understand and analyse the interviewees narrations, touching upon themes such as country and city, place and anchoring, dreams and fears and normative life expectations, all related to interviewees´ motivations for buying a second home and part of the process of making sense of their lifestyle choices. Furthermore, the interviewees strategies for realizing their ideal second homes, in compliance with important values, such as sustainability and reusage, are analysed using Bourdieu´s field theory. The study argues that second home ownership provides a small step on the way to settling down for real and one that interviewees can afford in order to achieve the good life. Choosing to stay in city flats manifests their desire for an experience that differs from earlier generations. Still, there is autonomy in owning one´s house and it can be considered an important step in fulfilling the middle-class life project. Moreover, the interviewees narrative identity representations are important resources for interviewees to communicate how they wish to be perceived. Additionally, they seem preoccupied with the here and now and second home ownership is a way of realizing life goals in the present, and enjoying life to the full in the moment.

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