Sång inom populärmusikgenrer

Detta är en avhandling från Luleå : Luleå tekniska universitet

Författare: Daniel Borch; [2008]

Nyckelord: Musikalisk gestaltning; Music Performance;

Sammanfattning: This dissertation consists of five parts dealing with three areas; voice science, voice pedagogics and musical expression. The ultimate aim was to use the scientific analyzes of my vocal expression as a complement to a vocal teaching method that is applicable for the vocal ideals used in the popular music genres, considering also current scientific knowledge in the areas of physiology, acoustics and rehabilitation. Part I analyzes a classically trained singer's voice and some frequently used types of accompaniments as well as the voices of popular music singers. The results suggested that boosting the frequency range 3500 Hz in the popular music singer's monitor system could be beneficial. Part II analyzed how the vocal "Dist" ornament, commonly used by rock singers, is generated in my rock singer voice. A high-speed video recording combined with simultaneous voice source analysis revealed that this ornament was produced by adducting the supraglottal structures such that they were brought to vibration by the airstream. Part III analyzed the voice source and resonance characteristics when I was singing in the styles of rock, pop, soul and dance band. The results showed that the rock and dance band styles were opposite extremes, the rock style being closest to pressed phonation. Part IV, the pedagogical book, is an attempt to create a handbook for singers and singing teachers working or interested in the popular music genres. The content covers a wide range of aspects, from vocal warm up and voice massage to electronic equipment typically used by such singers. Part V is a CD meant to reflect my musical expression. The songs also exemplify some of the vocal styles and ornaments which I use in different popular music genres.

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