Documentation and Maintenance Planning Model – DoMaP A response to the need for conservation and long-term maintenance of façades of modern multi-apartment buildings Based on case studies in Göteborg in Sweden

Sammanfattning: Sustainable maintenance and renovation of façades on generic multi-apartment buildings from late 1950s through 70s constitute vital challenges for the housing companies owned by City of Göteborg. These challenges comprise a wide array of issues, such as deterioration and damages in occurring façade materials, status assessments, technical improvements, reduction of energy consumption, and up-keeping of housing qualities and tenants attraction. Thus, new approaches to data-acquisition are called for. The presented Documentation and Maintenance Planning model (DoMaP) is a proposal for a new approach to acquisition of various types of data from façades of modern generic multi-apartment buildings. The DoMaP model aims at substantial contribution to stringent status assessment of façades, and thus, to enable long-term maintenance planning, providing adequate conditions for integrated sustainable conservation. The DoMaP model is based mainly on optical techniques (i.e. metric as well as non-metric). Techniques for air pollution monitoring, and for material analysis are included in the DoMaP configuration. The benefits of this new comprehensive approach to data-acquisition may be summarised in provisions for increase both of efficiency (i.e. resource utilisation) and effectiveness (i.e. productivity and quality) of façade-maintenance operations, thus also contributing to sustain technical service-life and functions of residential structures. Finally, it is important to stress that information provided by the DoMaP-approach would be of relevance to identify characteristics of built environments, and thus contributing to any process of valorisation of built environments.

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