Arvet efter surrealismen : Grafikskolan Forum 1964-1991

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: The dissertation examines Grafikskolan Forum, the Forum School of Printmaking in Malmö, Sweden, and its roots in the surrealist inspired view of the artistic creative process that focused upon automatism, chance events and accidents. The point of departure is the thoughts on artistic creativity of the leader of French surrealism, André Breton. His thinking was further developed by the Cobra Group and even spread to the Scanian Imaginists, of which Bertil Lundberg was a member.The study follows how Breton's thoughts on an open and improvisational way of working can be combined with the complicated technical procedures of printmaking. Lundberg was head of the Forum School of Printmaking from 1964-1991. This work illustrates Lundberg's relationship to Imaginism, and thus indirectly to surrealism, his contacts with S. W. Hayter and Atelier 17 in Paris.The heritage of surrealism is seen as a special attitude towards the creative process in the dissertation. By examining this method of working, as practised by a number of his students as well as by a number of contemporary Swedish printmakers, it can be shown how the artistic concept is interwoven with technical conditions that foster the use of automatism and chance events.

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