Vattensjön och Vattenån : Samband mellan sjönamn och ånamn i Medelpad

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Kungl. Gustav Adolfs akademien för svensk folkkultur

Sammanfattning: The main aim of this study of pairs of lake and river names in the northern Swedish province of Medelpad is to establish whether, as a rule, the lake name or the river name is (in formal terms) the primary name. The study also seeks to ascertain whether there are geographical variations in ‘name priority’ in this sense within the region studied, and whether there are any signs of the priority pattern having changed over time. An additional aim is to shed light on other aspects of the water feature names of Medelpad.The area covered by the study comprises five parishes. Two of them (Borgsjö and Haverö) are situated in the western part of Medelpad, the other three (Attmar, Njurunda and Tuna) in the south-east.In the hydronym pairs studied (just over 200 in all), the secondary names are most commonly formed by composition. In a few cases derivation may be involved instead, but here the element of uncertainty is quite large. Name pairs formed by composition have been affected by elliptical processes of various kinds, above all by reduction.The investigation of the name pairs shows that lake-name priority is more than ten times as common as river-name priority; this stock of names thus follows a pattern also found in more southerly parts of Sweden. The modern-day dominance of lake-name priority in Medelpad seems to be partly the result of a growing influence of this pattern in more recent times.The proportions of primary lake names and primary river names vary between the different parts of Medelpad studied; the further west one goes, the more common – or less uncommon – primary river names seem to become. The most important reasons for this difference probably have to do with the physical geography and settlement history of these areas.

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