Från MEDIA LITERACY till MEDIEKUNNIGHET. Lärares uppfattning och förståelse av begreppen mediekunnighet och IKT i skolan och deras syn på medieundervisning

Detta är en avhandling från University of Gothenburg

Sammanfattning: Education in the Swedish school system should convey and establish the respect for human rights and fundamental democratic values on which the Swedish society is based. Media Literacy, including Critical Media understanding, is increasingly linked to issues of democracy, active citizenship and community involvement. Media education is one of the fundamental rights of all citizens of the world, according to UNESCO and the European Union. Swedish schools are required to provide media knowledge, which in Sweden is often called IKT (ICT). The school, through its compensatory mission, has an important role in giving all children a good media education. The purpose of the study has been to investigate how teachers for pupils aged 10-12 perceived and understood the concept of media literacy, something that is fundamental to their media education. The two main issues in the study were as follows: 1. In which ways do teachers from different school organisations perceive and understand the concept of media literacy in the school context? 2. In which ways do teachers from different generations perceive and understand the concept of media literacy in the school context? The study also linked to how teachers perceive their own and pupils’ media literacy ability and how they describe their practice. The results from the study’s ten joint interviews in pairs are structured using a processed model of the perspectives that media literacy should include. The analysis is based on an organisational perspective, a generational perspective and ideas by Piaget and Vygotsky about child development and the teachers’ supportive role. Teachers called for explicit support from their principals to develop their media work with the pupils and to get own individual media training at school. Awareness of the importance of different perspectives on the critical understanding of media should be strengthened. All teachers should obtain an acceptable degree of own media literacy so that they can transfer the media literacy that pupils need in order to develop into the informed, reflective and engaged citizens necessary in a democratic society.

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