I samspel med digitala medier : Förskolebarns deltagande i multimodala literacypraktiker

Sammanfattning: This dissertation explores the interaction between preschool children, preschool teachers and digital media in the Swedish preschool. The analysis focuses on children’s participation in activities involving digital media, as well as how digital media is integrated into children’s everyday activities at preschool. Use of digital media is highlighted in the recently revised Swedish national curriculum, specifically with regard to providing children the opportunity to develop “adequate digital competence” (Skolverket, 2018, p. 9). In this study the competencies and literacy skills that children use in their interaction with digital media are explored “in situ” as integrated in everyday activities. The empirical data was generated in two preschools involving 28 children between the ages of three and five and 5 preschool teachers. The video recordings and field notes were collected during participant observations and analyzed using an ethno-methodological approach to conversation analysis. Detailed attention was given to embodied features of interaction, which was critical for the analysis. In terms of findings, detailed observation reveals that children’s competencies and literacy skills are displayed across a variety of actions performed in relation to other participants and the digital medium. Similarly, this study demonstrates that children are also co-creators in the organisation of digital activities within the preschool environment. The competencies and skills required to participate in digital activities, form a part of the collective work undertaken by participants throughout the duration of the interaction. Therefore, what constitutes "adequate digital competence" must be applied to children's use of digital media "in situ".