Linjer : Linjer: Musikens rörelser – komposition i förändring

Sammanfattning: Title: Linjer. Musikens rörelser – komposition i förändringEnglish title: Lines: Music Moving – Composition ChangingAuthor: Kim Hedås Language: Swedish, with an English SummaryUniversity: The Academy of Music and Drama at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, the University of Gothenburg, Box 100, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, SwedenKeywords: music, composition, relationship, connection, motion, movement, identity, time, memory, space, change, transformation, reflexivity, voice, meaning.ISBN: 978-91-979993-6-6 This dissertation takes the shape of a DVD, comprising the music in sixteen compositions, and a book, comprising the dissertation text. Lines: Music Moving – Composition Changing is a dissertation that focuses on relationships in music. The main question posed in this dissertation is: How does music relate to what is not music? Through an artistic inquiry, where a reflexive movement between the different parts produces the method used, the dissertation addresses the act of composing with particular focus on how music moves and how relations in music change. Results are also in motion, and traces – lines – move, change direction, and connect the music with what is not music. This inquiry embraces the following five themes: movement, identity, time, memory and space – which all relate to each other, and which, through composition, change, transform and reshape meaning as well as expression. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the changes that arise as a result of the relationships that are activated between music and what is not music, since an understanding of how these relationships work enables opportunities for the composition of new music.

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