Tjänstegarantin : Verktyg eller symbol?

Sammanfattning: For several decades, there has been a transfer of ideas from the private sector to the public sector on how to modernize the organization. One widespread idea is the service guarantee. However, when ideas are transferred from one domain to another and implemented in a different context, they are also always transformed.This report centres on what happened in practice when service guarantees were introduced into two Swedish municipalities. The purpose of the study is to investigate how the employees perceived the implementation of a public service guarantee and its impact on the employees in the organization. The study points to the difficulty of transferring the ​​service guarantee idea to the public sector and to reproduce it successfully. The study indicates that the existence of the service guarantee is questioned, and gives rise to new goal conflicts when operating plans are made. Employees expect managers to be committed, while describing a status quo situation. The study indicates that the service guarantee has only become an unexploited symbolic tool in the development of quality assurance.