Missbrukare i rättsstaten : en rättsvetenskaplig studie om lagstiftningen rörande tvångsvård av vuxna missbrukare

Detta är en avhandling från Norstedts juridik

Sammanfattning: The Care of Abusers (Special Provisions) Act (1988:870) - LVM - gives society the right, and the obligation, to deprive an individual of his liberty on grounds of ongoing abuse of alcohol, narcotics or volatile solvents. In addition, legislation gives the authorities the right to make body search and superficial personal search, to control mail and other deliveries, and the right to further restrict the freedom during periods of involuntary care. In this thesis The Governmental Act and The European Convention on the Protection of Human Right and Basic Freedoms are the fundament of the description and analyses of LVM. The object of the dissertation is to ascertain, partly how the authorities have applied the law and partly if the application is in accordance with the law and the fundamental demands of the individual´s legal security. The investigation shows that the form of the basic regulation on involuntary intervention should be criticized from several points of view. The conclusion is that the legislation does not protect individuals from discretionary or arbitrary acts.

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