Institutionssjälavård i Sverige 1932-1989 : Med särskild hänsyn tagen till fängelsesjälavården : with special regard to pastoral care at prisons

Sammanfattning: During hundreds of years The Church of Sweden has as a State Church been incharge of the pastoral care at prisons, hospitals and military camps. The task has beenobvious and undisputed until the last century. During the last hundred years the Stateand the Church have more and more diverged from each other. During the same timeFree Churches have been established. Demands for neutrality of the State in religiousquestions have been raised both from the State itself and from the Free Churches. Thequestion regarding a widening of the religious freedom and an enlarged equalitybetween different churches became more burning and gave in 1951 rise to a new law onreligious freedom. The author has mainly taken regard of the development of organization andcontent of pastoral care at the prisons, but with side views to the pastoral care at hospitalsand military camps. The author has tried to show, how the Church of Sweden already from the beginningof the century has urged for the appointment of pastors in order to get a functional andindividual pastoral care at the total institutions, but had very little success before 1980.The development has slowly gone towards freedom from state bonds and to anorganization of the pastoral care built on religious freedom and common responsibilityof the churches.

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