Socialdemokraterna skriver historia : Historieskrivning som ideologisk maktresurs 1892-2000

Sammanfattning: This is a historiographical study of how the Swedish Social Democracy has described both its own and Sweden's history during the period 1892-2000. The Social Democratic endeavour to attain hegemony and struggle for the public view of history is focused. The study concerns how the intellectuals of the Social Democrats, both nationally and internally - within the party, labour movement and working class - have used historiography as an ideological resource of power. The dissertation gives a perspective on the discourse of a "Social Democratic hegemony" in Sweden. It presents the problem, with historiography as an example, how the bourgeois hegemony is reconstructed when the alternative hegemonic labour movement enters the historical scene and later obtains a state-controlling position. How have the mechanisms been constructed, what is the role of the social democracy and historiography in this process, inside the social democracy itself?

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