Kontinuitet och förändring : Bebyggelse och samhälle på Öland 200-1300 e Kr

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia

Sammanfattning: The aim of this dissertation is partly to describe settlement deveopment on Öland from 200-1300 AD and how it changed, partly to explain when and why these changes occurred. The point of departure is the visible remains of ancient settlements with house foundations and stone enclosures from the early Iron Age to the onset of the late Iron Age (c. 200-700 AD). The relation between settlements and contemporary graves and cemeteries, historically known settlements and landscape topography are also discussed. Viking Age and early medieval settlement up until the formation of linear villages are examined. However, these are considered from other source materials than the earlier periods. Further, comparisons are made with Iron Age and medieval settlement in the rest of Northern Europe.

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