Lära och leka med flera språk : Socialt samspel i flerspråkig förskola

Detta är en avhandling från Tema Barn

Sammanfattning: The present thesis investigates children’s social interaction and participation in a multilingual preschool context. More specifically, it explores the children’s language use in combination and coordination with other semiotic resources in play and instructional activities, and also how these resources bring about participation in the daily activities of the preschool. The data corpus consists of video recordings from two preschools, a smaller corpus from an Australian preschool and a larger corpus from a Swedish preschool setting. The theoretical framework of the thesis is influenced by ethnomethodological perspective on social action, and conversation analysis (CA) has served as a tool for the analytical work, which includes detailed transcriptions and analyses.The findings are documented in three studies. The first study shows how children transform and explore interactional resources and educational routines when they enact previously experienced second language activities within ‘free play’. The second study explores interactional phenomena like ‘shadowing’ and different forms of language choice; resources that children use in combination with non-vocal moves to gain and sustain participation in peer play. The third study identifies and discusses interactional trouble in educational activities in terms of the teachers’ elaboration of some routine features of these activities, resulting in a mismatch between the teachers’ local aims and the children’s projections of relevant next actions.As a whole, children’s social interaction is treated in terms of practical and local concern, where language is one of several semiotic resources for children’s participation in everyday preschool activities. Accordingly, studies of children’s language use demonstrate interactional routines that organise children’s socialisation and language learning.

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