Magneto-sensitive rubber in the audible frequency range

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH

Sammanfattning: The dynamic behaviour in the audible frequency range of magneto-sensitive (MS) rubber is the focus of this thesis consisting of five papers A-E. Paper A presents results drawn from experiments on samples subjected to different constant shear strains over varying frequencies and magnetic fields. Main features observed are the existence of an amplitude dependence of the shear modulus referred to as the Fletcher-Gent effect for even small displacements, and the appearance of large MS effects. These results are subsequently used in Paper B and C to model two magneto-sensitive rubber isolators, serving to demonstrate how, effectively, by means of MS rubber, these can be readily improved. The first model calculates the transfer stiffness of a torsionally excited isolator, and the second one, the energy flow into the foundation for a bushing inserted between a vibrating mass and an infinite plate. In both examples, notable improvements in isolation are obtainable. Paper D presents a non-linear constitutive model of MS rubber in the audible frequency range. Characteristics inherent to magneto-sensitive rubber within this dynamic regime are defined: magnetic sensitivity, amplitude dependence, elasticity and viscoelasticity. A very good agreement with experimental values is obtained. In Paper E, the magneto-sensitive rubber bushing stiffness for varying degrees of magnetization is predicted by incorporating the non-linear magneto-sensitive audio frequency rubber model developed in Paper D, into an effective engineering formula for the torsional stiffness of a rubber bushing. The results predict, and clearly display, the possibility of controlling over a large range through the application of a magnetic field, the magneto-sensitive rubber bushing stiffness.