Tillsammans : Bidrag till den etniska boendesegregationens geofilosofi

Sammanfattning: What happens if geography itself is posed as a question instead of as a mere framework for other, geographical, questions? What about the geography of ethnic residential segregation? If we did not start out by postulating individuals, ethnicities, neighbourhoods, nation-states or other geographies, what would it be? This thesis is an attempt to investigate the geography of ethnic residential segregation as a question of radical empiricism. It begins in the observation that ideology, in the broadest sense, permeates the question of ethnic residential segregation, both politically and scientifically. In politics in terms of ideologies proper, in social science and human geography in terms of explicit and implicit theory. It begins also, in the experience of interrelation of geographies and the impossibility of making strategic delimitations without the annihilation of geography itself. The geography of ethnic residential segregation cannot do without the geography of geography.The geography of geography might be comprehended through the philosophy of earth as process – geophilosophy. By geophilosophy, geography is unfolded as a field of investigation, as the subject of a radical empiricism. Starting out in the geographies of geography, city, togetherness and separation respectively, the geography of ethnic residential segregation is eventually understood as a question of geographical morphogenesis. This implies that the geography of ethnic residential segregation might be in different states of organisation. Different states of organisation implies different possibilities of geographical togetherness, whether in terms of territory, society, ethnicity, identity, self or body. This also implies that the understanding and manipulation of ethnic residential segregation is and must be part of the morphogenetic process itself, as it is a question of situational concrete practice and not theoretical abstractions, outlooks or conceptions. 

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