Sistemi informativi integrati per la valorizzazione del patrimonio urbano-architettonico, tra 3D GIS, AIS e Web

Detta är en avhandling från Rome : PADIS

Sammanfattning: Currently in the field of management, enhancement, territory and cultural heritage analysis, two types of information systems offer significant tools: GIS (Geographic Information System) and AIS (Architectural Information System). The first one manages urban and territorial scale data, the second one administers architectural scale data. For a complete management and analysis of the built heritage, both scales (territorial-urban and architectural) are essential, but despite numerous attempts made in recent years, currently no system is really able to manage them simultaneously. After a thorough analysis of both types of systems, and a careful study of the state of the art, this research aims to create a hybrid system, which is a new interface that allows to simultaneously view an AIS, a GIS and a window for the management of spatial queries. Considering the deep differences between the two systems, the ultimate goal is to integrate them by proposing a new hybrid system (HS) to solve the problem of scale change (from analysis to synthesis) using a new data structure and a new interface.

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