Spectroscopic Studies of Highly Ionized Atoms New Results for the Ne, Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ga and Ge Isoelectronic Sequences

Detta är en avhandling från Atomic Spectroscopy, Department of Physics, Box 118, 221 00 Lund, Sweden

Sammanfattning: The electron structure of several highly charged ions, belonging to the Mg, Ne, Mn, Fe, Co, Ga and Ge isoelectronic sequences, has been experimentally studied by means of two techniques, beam-foil spectroscopy, BFS, and the spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmas, LPP. The investigations were carried out at Lund University, LU, in 1989-90 and at the China Institute of Atomic Energy, CIAE, Beijing, from 1990 on. In Lund the spectra Br IX - Br XI (belonging to Co, Fe and Mn sequences, respectively) were studied by BFS, using the 3 MV Pelletron tandem accelerator. The LPP investigations, in which a 1.5 GW Nd(YAG) laser systen was utilized, dealt with highly charged ions belonging to the Ga and Ge isoelectronic sequences. Many previously unknown transitions were observed and new energy levels were established. The observations were corroborated by theoretical calculations with the relativistic Hartree-Fock code, HFR, by R.D. Cowan. At CIAE a beamline for atomic physics experiments was designed and constructed in the 13 MV tandem accelerator laboratory. The instrumentation includes a high-resolution 2.2 m grazing incidence monochromator for the spectral region 10 - 1000 Å. This monochromator, which compares favorably with commercially available instruments, was designed and built in China. Spectra of highly charged S, Ni, Cu, Ge and Br have already been recorded at CIAE. The thesis includes detailed reults for Ne-like Br XXVI and Mg-like Br XXIV. In both spectra about 20 previously unknown energy levels were established. Parallel with the experimenal work HFR calculations were performed. Theory and experiment are in very satisfactory agreement. Also, future atomic physics investigations at CIAE are briefly discussed in the thesis.

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