Training measures and technologies for air contaminant risks

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm

Sammanfattning: AbstractAs air contaminants continue to pose a problem in organizations, more studies are needed to identify and reduce employees’ exposure to air contaminants. Limited research proposes methods for managing air contaminants, especially with focus on reducing exposure by improving safety behavior, safety knowledge, safety attitudes and safety motivation among employees in the workplace, by, for instance, using safety training.The aim of this thesis is to develop existing safety measures and analyze new measures for reducing air contaminants in typical industrial work situations by focusing on human aspects, such as safety attitudes and safety motivation. This is carried out by studying safety attitudes, safety motivation, and safety training in relation to air contaminant safety in current Swedish organizations by means of questionnaires, interviews, reviews of research, as well as the exposure monitoring method, PIMEX. This thesis comprises four papers.