(Special)pedagogik och social utslagning : Perspektivisering - möjligheter och dilemman

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : HLS Förlag

Sammanfattning: In the thesis, the social and cultural states of communication in school are discussed, as they are expressed by school staffs and accounted for in different forms of school documents. Further, two projects of cooperation between the Stockholm Institute of Education (LHS) and school staffs of certain municipalities are described and analysed. The aim of the thesis is thus to discuss social and cultural problems and possibilities, and also experiences of the documentation work.Methods of action research have been used, among other things, in documentation work that has been carried out by school staffs of certain participating schools. All through the thesis, problems and conditions of social justice and democratisation of the school are discussed. The main theoretical issue has been to critically discuss some suggestions of “deliberative” discussions. Is it a passable way, when it comes to “weaker” groups’ life and communication circumstances, to bring about a mutual agreement? Is a perspective of care needed in special pedagogy? I question that Habermas’ “lifeworld conceptions” can be used in circumstances built on unequal economical, cultural and social conditions of strength. In the thesis I argue in favour of community studies, with class analyses, as the main basis for school and societal research. The marginalized groups’ reactions to powerlessness and underrepresentation presume that they can develop cooperative alternatives of action. It is necessary also that these groups can develop “partial solidarity” and resistance towards unfair circumstances. Perspectivization is discussed as an alternative way in unequal pedagogical circumstances. Different studentgroups’ rights and obligations are to be a part of a socially comprehensive school, constituting a basis for the discussions. Possibilities of perspectivization of different social experiences and processes of knowledge are discussed as a democratic necessity.

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