Det sociala spelet om Romano Platso

Detta är en avhandling från Department of Sociology

Sammanfattning: This thesis has been taking a starting point from a micro-level that focuses social structures, ethnic segregation and processes of development as phenomena from different levels of perspectives. The research focuses on housing-conditions in the urban room and take a starting-point in 1992 when an increased number of immigrant households, depending on social welfare, moved into Herrgården (Manor-House), a narrow area within Rosengård (about 16.000 inhabitants) in Malmö (about 245.000 inhabitants) with about 3.800 inhabitants. A concentration of the households that moved in to this area was located to a private real-estate. They moved into three nearby standing storey-buildings containing 150 apartments. The Gypsies were a large group of the total number of tenants, the authorities together with the massmedia therefore named the real-estate as "Gypsygarden". In this work the formal name has been transformed to the time of the fieldwork (1994-1996) Gypsies started to move out in favour of the Arabic households. It developed an ethnically based concurrence in the neighbourhood which revealed a social order based on ethnicity. With a little help from the representatives from the pu blic sphere, some of the tenants have been able to take the positions as ethnical entrepreneurs. The legitimacy of their vertical positions is built up by ethnicity as a picture of homogeneity combined with deep differences to the majority and other minority-groups, which is an operating base for the ethnical entrepreneurs. They should be diverged from the group of people that could be named ethnical diplomats which take their positions in a horizontal plane. These positions is taking its places is a social order based on ethnicity that includes and excludes the surrounding populations, which is not judged by their own references or according to the references used by other minority-groups. It is a paradox that the social order emerges from the Swedish population, who are excluded by their absence and only being represented by the institutionalised forms of social life.

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